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A palleted assortment of Wild Delight bird food.

Available Items:
WD Bugs For Birds16oz
WD Mealworms16oz
WD Filled Finch Sock 13oz
WD Nyger Seed 5l b
WD Fine Sunflower Chips 5lb
WD Golden Finch Food 5lb
BB Finch Food 4lb
WD Bugs N Berries 4.5l b
WD Nut N Berrv5lb
WD Deck Porch and Patio 5lb
WD Zero Waste w/Fruit 5| b
WD Sizzle N Heat 5l b
WD Special Finch Food 5lb
WD Crunch N Nut Squirrel Food 8l b
BB Squirrel Away5l b
WD Woodpecker 5l b
WD Cardinal Food 71b
WD Gourmet Food 8lb
WD Fruit N Berry 5lb
WD Sizzle N Heat 14l b
BB Songbird 5l b
BB Beautiful Bird 5l b
WDIn-Shell Peanuts 5|b
IWD Nut N Berry 20l b
WD Fruit N Berry 20lb
WD Deck Porch and Patio 20lb
Better Bird Songbird 17# Bird Food