COVID Safety

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We can't wait to see you again at the Atlantic City Convention Center!

 We are making all efforts to ensure your health and safety concerns are addressed with the following changes.

For safety reasons, children will not be permitted to attend this year's Open House.

Additional Self Check-in Areas

These additional check-in points will speed entry into the show and maintain safe social distancing.

Hands-Free Digital Ordering System

Digital, at-booth ordering.

Safe Spacing

Booths and aisles will be safely spaced to easily maintain 6 ft. of physical distance.

One Location

All activities and meals during Open House are scheduled at the Atlantic City Convention Center to ensure your comfort and safety.

Government Regulations

Arett Sales and all exhibitors will comply with all current government health and safety regulations to ensure the highest level of safety. 

AC Protocols

Click here for more Atlantic City hotels and Convention Center Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Food & Beverage Protocols

To make it easy and convenient for you, this year, we are holding fun-filled receptions with great food, fun, and music.

Sunday & Monday 5:30 – 7 pm. 

Atlantic City Building

Everyone at ACCT is working hard to keep you and its employees safe by increasing cleaning frequencysanitizing regularly, and maintaining social distancing. 

COVID Updates

Important COVID-19 news and updates.