Sunday - Tuesday, September 16th - 18th!

Vendor Highlights

There were so many great new products at the show but only three were awarded the distinction of receiving the best new products awards. Below are our top three new product winners.

First Place Winner

1st Place
V14 – Vegepod LLC
Medium Vegepod with Cover & Stand (Item # V14 C0005, V14 S0002)
Vegepod LLC offered a 39" x 39" garden. The Vegepod is true innovation in a market segment that is thriving year over year. With self-watering reservoirs, a protective cover, mist spray watering system, and waist-high gardening, the Vegepod makes the backyard veggie patch a reality for everyone.

First Place Winner

2nd Place
C75 – Cohasset Gifts & Garden
Molten Glass Assortment (Item # N/A)
Cohasset Gifts & Garden offered a molten glass collection in which the glass vessels are made from recycled, hand blown glass. The base of the sculptures are made from the root of the Gumal Tree or reclaimed Teak, recycled from the large market of Balinese Teak and other hard wood furniture. A unique and stunning piece that is definitely a conversation starter!

First Place Winner

3rd Place
E92 – EZNectar LLC
11 oz. Disposable Hummingbird Feeder (Item # E92 643004)
EZNectar offered Happy Hummers - a "Juice-Box" for hummingbirds ... No Mixing, No Cleaning, No Mess! Patented and designed so that you never have to clean another hummingbird feeder. Pre-filled with all-natural, non-dye, and non-preservative nectar. The only store-bought, "Just Like Flower" nectar! 

Greensmith – Not Just Fliers Anymore! - Greensmith spent a great deal of time at Arett Open House talking to new and old Arett Sales customers about the ever-changing market of Direct Mail and Digital Marketing. Greensmith's offerings have shifted over the years from being a go-to source for sale fliers to a full service print and digital advertising agency.

Greensmith's successful show offerings were it's Introductory Website for $769 (show offer at $692.10), Direct Mail Postcards, and Social Media plans. Whether you are looking to outfit your store with new signage, supplement your in-house team, or update your marketing plan, Greensmith has something to offer everyone, no matter the size and budget. Call us today… 800-395-6009 to see how we can help you grow!

B24  Beyond Borders – Introduced in 2016 – Haitian Metal Art. The booth was beautifully set up with wall panels of the Haitian Metal Art, as well as, decorative table top, metal art. This booth was consistently busy through the show. They were also featured in the "Take Flight Stories" display at the entrance of the show.
S98  Syndicate Sales – Premier Terrarium & Accessories Supplier. Hot Item of the product line: Glass Cloche Terrarium Kits, available in 2 sizes. Don't miss the Artisan Terrarium to help round out the category.

P40 Pacific Home & Garden – Introduced in 2016. The must see pottery booth of the show. 1200 sq. ft. of pottery pallet selections, birdbaths, statuary, and individual pottery pieces.

H44 Tick Key – Great product for branding a store's image and a practical tool to remove ticks.

G36 Global Vision – Hercules sun glasses. Very popular - almost impossible to break or destroy.

E92 EZ Nectar – Juice boxes for hummingbirds. Disposable nectar containers for hummingbirds. Easy to use. Mixed with natural water and sugar. So yummy for the birds.

V14 Vegepod – Easy-to-manage, contained gardening bed that is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground. Veggie health is ensured with self-watering technology by using a wicking system and watering the plants from below. Plants can last weeks without watering in Vegepods. Vegepods come in three different sizes that accommodate for any space, standing or sitting.

G04 Surecan – A unique gas can to feed your machines, including lawn mowers, snow blowers, tractors, jet ski, motorcycles, and more. Not your average fuel can.

A16 Alpine – Garden décor, including fountains of all sizes, garden solar stakes, stepping stones, furniture, gazing globes, and more. Alpine had a great show and for the first time one of our vendors was able to scan orders in the booth, which provided our dealers with a quicker process thru the booth.

H22 Harbor Gardens – World Source Partners debuted their new home decor line, Harbor Gardens. The Harbor Gardens brand was created with the new lawn and garden consumer lifestyle in mind. The Harbor Gardens assortment can create a backyard oasis with newly designed fire pits, chimeneas, and pizza ovens. Customers can surround themselves with cutting edge, galvanized planters, decorative garden stakes and wind spinners, fashion forward bistro sets, and wall art. Check them out now on Arett's Virtual Open House.

T70 Terra Verde Home – Building on their incredible success from 2016, Terra Verde Home offered an expanded line of furniture and home décor for 2017, including updated seating groups, bistro sets, steel benches, covered swing seats, ceramic bird baths, raised garden beds, decorative and functional garden stools, kinetic birds, rain chains, yard art stakes, galvanized décor, plant stands and solar lanterns. Check them out now on Arett's Virtual Open House.