Sunday - Tuesday, September 16th - 18th!

Show Specials - Power Alley

Deep discounts on assortments of pallet programs, displays and plan-o-grams!

Another must see at the Arett Open House is the Power Alley area. In this expanded booth, Arett offers bulk quantities of products at deep discounts! Exclusive Power Alley assortments feature Pallet Programs, Displays, & Plan-O-Grams! In order to take advantage of these unbelievable discounts, you must attend the Arett Open House. See you at the show!

Vendor Name Item # Description DEALER SAVINGS
Apline A16 PALDIG100X Jar Fountain Pallet Promotion     43.00%
Artech LLC A25 20ARETT Portofino 20" Planter 36 piece Pallet     22.00%
Swan A47 SNMDXT5850 44 Piece 4 colored Mixed Hose Pallet     30.00%
LFS Gloves A63 PL12NTE Nitrile Touch and Go Eco 12 Piece Glove Display     36.00%
Panacea Products A77 9090275 Wood Trellis Display     36.00%
Boss Gloves B68 94054PA 168 Pair Assorted Glove Display     56.00%
Bonide B70 20549 88 Piece Eight Assortment     32.00%
Bloom B80 PLAP16MIX1 Ariana 16" Bright Planter 48 piece Pallet     24.00%
C&S Products C01 PP92 Nugget Display Arett Exclusive     28.00%
Clorax C38 31182 Kingsford Briquets 15.4 lb Pallet     30.00%
DeWitt Company D28 6YRSPEC Landscape Weed Barrier - 6 Year Size Assorted Color Black 27.00%
Dramm Watering Tools D40 61001 One Touch Revolver Display   20.00%
Deer Park Ironworks D68 SHOVELASST Garden Shovel Plant Holder Assortment     27.00%
Dr. Earth D71 715DP Super Natural Premium Lawn Fertilizer Size 18 lb. Pallet Quantity 40 59.00%
Easy Gardener E12 POG4FOOT 4' Jobe's Plant Care Plan O Gram     34.00%
Earth Edge LLC E15 EE026130 Premium Kneeling Pad Display Size 15 x 20 x 1 Count 30 Pieces 28.00%
Eco Clear E95 620224 Mousex and Ratx Powerwing Display     25.00%
Garden Weasel F18 90748 Garden Weasel Display     28.00%
Fox Farm F42 590023 Happy Frog Potting Soil Size 2 cu. ft. - pallet Pallet Quantity 60 17.00%
Origin Point Brands G07 690513 Light Duty Fence Display Size Display with Rack  33.00%
Glamos Tomato Cages G57 70497 Galvanized Tomato Cage Value Pallet     32.00%
Leabanon Seaboard Corp L07 2647402 Lyric Mixed Sampler Pallet   18.00%
Harbor Gardens H22 LF92B Horizon 46" Brushed Steel Chiminea     28.00%
Headwinds H77 8201600 Rain Gauge End Cap Display     20.00%
Jonathan Green J20 17009 5M New American Lawn Food Display     29.00%
Land and Sea L12 DEAL3 Jumbo Pot Hanger 72 piece Display     10.00%
Lewis Lifetime Tools L46 HRM5 Hose Reel Assortment Display     34.00%
Terra Verde Home T70 KTWCD2 Galvanized Watering Can Display     24.00%
Melnor  M35 15534 XT Sprinkler Display Pallet     31.00%
Coleman Cable M53 MOONDSP3 Moon Rays Display Pallet     26.00%
Marchioro M78 355960 Small Cuenca 80/40cm Terra Cotta 10 piece Stack     50.00%
Milazzo Industries M84 02008 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter Size 8 lb. Container EZ Pour Jug 30.00%
New Age Garden N27 ARETTDEAL2 Patio Planter Assortment     24.00%
Precision Products P26 NCDS1000P Drop Side Nursery Cart Type Garden  31.00%
Pacific Home and Garden P40 PLTAS0317 Moroccan, Rivet and Flour Rim 12 Set Planter Pallet     37.00%
Pinetree Farms P48 APM2016HLF 4 Mixed Flavor Suet Half Pallet     44.00%
Pearl Valley Organix P84 SHORG406 Healthy Gro 6lb Fertilizer 30 piece Assortment     22.00%
Radius Garden R02 70054 Root Slayer Shovel and Digger Display     16.00%
RSR Industries R04 8100PA2 10" Premium Globe Assortment Pallet     22.00%
Rescue R28 JBTZFD48 Japanese And Oriental Beetle Trap Pest Type Japanese Beetle Use Outdoor 23.00%
St. Gaberial Organics R30 800802P Holy Moley Mole Repellent 30 bag Mini-Pallet Size 10 lb. Color Brown/White 25.00%
Rugg Manufacturing R80 26PALLET Rugg Polyurethane Snow Shovel Assortment     40.00%
Robert Allen R88 PLT01700 Gateway Classic Collection Display     22.00%
Scheurich S32 58722 Coneo 36 piece Planter Pallet     13.00%
Shanghai Daisy S41 PETF064 Citronella Torch Fuel Size 64 oz. Description Bottle 28.00%
Summit Chemical S79 9600 Mosquito Dunk and Bits 96 Piece Display Pest Type Mosquito   34.00%
Syndicate Sales S98 DISP30 Urban Gardening Growing Center     24.00%
Very Cool Stuff V15 GBDSSA18 Best Glass Globe Assortment     27.00%
D & D Commodities W12 VARISEED2 50 Bag Seed Variety Pallet    37.00%
Woodstream Corp W75 TRK12 Terro Rolling Rack Display     25.00%

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"The Power Alley is the strength of the Show. Every year it continues to get bigger and better" – Michael Costello, Bellmore Home Center (Bellmore, NY)