Sunday - Tuesday, September 16th - 18th!

Show Specials - Passport to Profits

Earn show bonuses and a 2% rebate year round!

2% Rebate!**
After visiting all booths, write a qualifying order at six Passport to Profits booths and earn a 2% rebate on all purchases from those manufacturers placed between show day 2017 and August 31, 2018. Rebate award checks are distributed at Arett's 2018 Open House.**

STEP 1: Earn $25.00 when you visit and get stamped at ALL Passport to Profits booths.

STEP 2: After completing step 1, earn an additional $25.00 when you place a qualifying order at six Passport to Profits booths.

STEP 3: After completing steps 1 and 2, earn another $50.00 award* with qualifying orders at 4 additional Passport to Profits booths.

Certain restrictions apply. * One award per customer limit.

2017 - 2018 Manufacturer Listing
Vendor # Vendor Name Booth #
A01 Arett Greensmith 314
A15 HC Companies 825/724
B68 Boss 1215/1114
B70 Bonide 114/215/214
B80 Bloem 915/814
D28 Dewitt 925/824
D40 Dramm 725/624
G07 Garden Zone 201/100
G57 Glamos 1340
H22 Harbor Gardens 520
N05 The Nuttery 620
R11 Gardman 521
S20/L55 United Industries 104/106/108/110
S84 SunGro 225/124
S99 Supreme/Danner 325/224
T70 Terra Verde & Terra Verde Home 906/920
U99 Sun Pottery 615/514

Things to help you grow and save tagline
  • Over 400 booths all featuring new products for Spring 2018
  • Wild Card cash bonuses
  • Extra profit buying programs
  • “Passport-to-Profits”, 2% rebates
  • New Biz program
  • Greensmith marketing
  • N5% - earn an additional 5%
  • Video, social media, e-mail marketing & websites
  • Power Alley and so much more!

"I'm really learning a lot here... I mean not just about products available but terminology, how things are done in the business, shipping, a bazillion things. I have to keep my hat on, my head's going to explode from all the information I have."
– Deborah, Seasons Garden Center (Brooklyn, NY)